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Every now and then a company arises whose steely focus, passion for innovation and burning desire to change the world truly makes an impact. Watcha Studios connects voices & music with brands the world over.

As our voice talents step up to their microphones, we meet and exceed your expectations with excellence through the spoken word. We get your job done on time, within budget, and most importantly, we'll get your job done right.

We are creatives from over Europe based in Paris & Budapest etc. loving to work on the best possible audio projects.

People at advertising agencies, financial firms, healthcare organizations, radio stations, publishers and other businesses use our services to easily search for and hire narrators, voice actors and professional voice-over talents but also recording session musicians & music producers / composers.

  • Professional Services

    Running out of resources in-house to manage important projects? Before things get out of hand, reach out. We’re ready to serve. Learn more now.

  • Voice Overs

    Need to breathe life into your script? Treat your ears to the best voices this side of heaven when you work with Watcha Studios to educate, inform or entertain.

  • Voice Casting

    Don’t have time to review auditions? Let our team set you up for success. We know what to look for and will find the best matches for your project.

  • Translation

    Your message needs to be heard around the world. Translating your script into foreign languages opens more doors for your business.

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