August 30, 2016

Professional Services


Have a tight deadline?

Need help sourcing voices for a particular language or auditioning a cast of characters for your production?

When you have a job that’s more complex than usual or are running out of time to complete a project, our Professional Services Team is here to help!

It’s fast

Your need for speed is top priority, so much so that we regularly complete high quality voice-over projects in less than 24 hours. That’s fast!

We care about you and your project. Everyone has a story to tell and we’d love to tell yours. You can trust us to manage projects for you from start to finish.

Consider us an extension of your team! We’re dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and making your voice casting experience an easy and enjoyable one throughout the entire process.

When your project is managed by our Professional Services group, you have an entire team at Watcha Studios working toward your success.

Here’s How We Work

  • Scope

    In order for our Professional Services team to best present your brand and its needs to talent, we’ll work with you to map out key details such as artistic direction, gender, language, accents and age ranges.

  • Search

    We’ll search our database of voice talents to identify and audition only the best voices that meet your key requirements. By paying attention to details, we start voice casting and ensure that your artistic, gender, language, accents and voice age needs are met.

  • Responses

    Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a variety of talent responses that align with your project requirements. Talent will be reading from your script.

This process lets us identify the right talent for your project, then provide the right direction to them so that they can deliver the best reads possible.

Who We Work With

Multimedia companies like the free audition process because of their ability to enhance new client bids and proof of concept presentations. Larger organizations like to work with Watcha Studios Professional Services because of our enterprise support and flexible billing options.

Budget Expectations

Every engagement managed by Professional Services is quoted based upon the amount of work required of the talents and Watcha Studios. Quotes include all end-to-end services we provide in order to complete the project, which could include copywriting, translation, audio production and voice-over, as well as overall project management services and flexible billing options.

Need a voice-over for your project? We can help!

We can help. We’ve helped thousands of small businesses and the Fortune 500 get professionally recorded voice-overs, often hitting nearly impossible deadlines. Contact us and let us know how we can help you complete your next project.